Zhangbl Home Decor Flexible Crown Molding Trim for Ceiling Wall 2.68"(6.8cm) W x 0.28"(0.7cm) x 115"L

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  • 1. soft pvc molding trim size 2.68" (6.8cm) width x 0.28"(0.7cm) thickness x 115"(293cm) length
  • 2.soft PVC Scissors and woodworking tools can use, anti-corrosion, insect proof, flame retardant, durable.It is more safe to resist acid and alkali than iron, and can be used in kind ergartens longer than wood.
  • 3.it's no have glue and no have piant. it's use need some basic operating basis of carpentry and painter, do not recommend novice to buy and use! Super stereo feeling, decor wall trim classic pattern, There will be small black spots or some dirt on the mouldings, but it will not affect the effect after painting.
  • 4.About the fasten: it's no stick.that no back glue. Recommend "liquid nail glue" + nail use on wall or wood
  • 5.About the paint: May be painted using an oil-based paint and Latex paint. that these "Water based paints", "chalk paints", "|auto paints", "stoving paints", or "spray lacquers" are need First brush the primer (recommend killz brand primer)
  • matters need attention :

    1.The mouldings is 7mm thick. It can not make a plane bend (semicircle).

    2.it can not use on car

    3.it can not use "canning spray lacquer" "stoving paint" "paint of car" "water-based paint" and "chalk style paint"

    4.You can't paint on rainy days,

    5.Cannot be used in a flat semicircle (arch)

    ***soft pvc Visually like rubber,it's High density material, not polyurethane (look like foam).

    How to install?

  • you can use liquid nail glue and 502 glue(Quick-drying glue) or nail fix it . quick-drying glue can Fix it quickly and liquid nail glue Apply evenly on the back and press tight (liquid nail glue It normally takes 48 to 72 hours to solidify, during which time it cannot be moved.This is why you need quick-drying glue or nails)

    Suitable for the range:

    Suitable for ceiling,nterior and exterior wall decoration

    if you use it in a wet place like the bathroom, please seal the edges with glass glue, as the liquid nail glue is not waterproof.