Home Wall Door Flexible Molding Ceiling Wall Waist Trim Rope Waist Mouldings Corners Width 1.8 inch/Thickness 0.31 inch

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flexible, easy to operate, clean, easy to paint. no paint mouldings easy dirty, but it's easy to clean.if it's a little dirty use your hands to clean them (like erasers) or wash them with water or use a cleaner. The most environmentally friendly building materials have no smell

  • 4pcs x size: 21.3cm x 21.3cm
  • material : white soft pvc and no paint and Environmentally friendly no smell
  • Anti-mildew, anti - insect, anti - acid alkali, flame retardant.
  • Wide use, wall, furniture, doors can be used
  • Fixed: use nails, or "glass glue" or "liquid nail glue"